Black Faculty Collective®

Client ︎ Black Faculty Collective; University of Waterloo

Physically based in Waterloo, ‘The Black Faculty Collective’is a group of faculty who arecommitted to achieving equityfor Black students, staff and facultyat the University of Waterloo.

Their goal is to transformthe University of Waterloo by dismantlingwhite supremacy within the policies, pedagogy, structuresand the communities in orderto achieve an equitable learning,working, research, and teachingenvironment for Black students,staff and faculty.

Unapologetically Black.

I created their logos, brand style guide and addtional assets. The designs to the left are the elements in use.

Below are some images from the intial design iterations.
Keep the design clean, minmal but bold. Initially was playing around with ‘Sanokfa’ imagery to generate a text based logomark, we ended up with a final look that resembles
a staircase visually.

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