Midnight & Other Endings®

Client ︎ Kae Sun

Montreal-based singer-songwriter, producer and artist, Kae Sun's team reached out to me to help craft four album covers and title designs for his EP release and coinciding music film “Midnight & Other Endings”. 

The album concept centers on the ouroboros symbol ‘the snake biting its own tail’, meaning infinity, cycles, night and day, individuality, community & life and death.

Single covers made for the seperate singles releasing individually [final versions shown to the left]:

“404 Eros”
“Midnight Creepshow”
“Bright Lights”

Bright Lights and Midnight Creepshow designs uses photos taken by local Namibian Art Director & Photographer, Ericke Tijueza.

Tracklist for social media promotion.
Below are some variations of covers that I designed as inital concepts:

View Kae Sun’s music film below, exclusively on Nataal:
[I designed the titles for Midnight & Other Endings, Midnight Creepshow, and 404 Eros]