The Doe®

Client ︎ The Doe; Narratives

I started working at The Doe as a contracted Jr. Designer in 2020. 

I brainstormed, strategically planned and created content for social media posts and advertisments across Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify and Pinterest. Creating roughly 70+ posts a month across platforms.

To expand reach I created AR Filters and Effects for use on Instagram and Facebook. View them on my Spark AR Portfolio.

Part of my role was to design some site themes, which included designing imagery and choosing color palettes for implementation website. Additionally I created gifs, merchandise, assets, and playlists for use on the web using a combination of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects), Figma, and Spark AR, I worked remotely collaborating with creatives in different departments across timezones and locations.

Instagram | @thedoe
Twitter | @thedoe
Pinterest | @wearethedoe

I got promoted to Designer after my year review, in 2021. From there I continued to work on social media graphics on all platforms, adding in video [for Reels and Tik Tok], blogs and expanding design styles to look more dynamic on all platforms. View some examples here and on The Doe’s socials.

The following are some of my favourite posts I made over latter half of the two years. You can view every post I created on The Doe’s social media accounts.