Client ︎ Personal; University Of Waterloo

WhatsGoingOn (WGO) is a lifestyle and apparel brand that brings real stories to you through genuine human connection. WGO was started by a team of university students who believe that storytelling is the future of education.

We want to challenge the mindset that some people are more political that others by humanizing politics so that we all can participate in the conversation. 

More Gen-Z’s have voted this past Federal Election than ever before, however we found that many of them felt that they were uninformed voters.

To tackle this issue, we chose Instagram, a platform that the majority of Gen-Z already uses, as a way to leverage our information, allowing our audience to be more knowledgeable, engaged and less apathetic about the electoral system in Ontario, Canada.

Instagram: @whatsgoingon.ca

WGO focuses on bringing the information to the people so they are able to make an informed decision when voting.

Our intention to be a lifestyle brand will make political awareness a mindset people will aspire to have and by wearing our merchandise it will reflect our brand’s message.

Final Merch Logo:

In the near future, we will officially launch our website and start accepting orders for merchandise.

My main role was in the Visual Design aspect. I designed the logos and branding and directed the shoot for the merch. Additonally, I handled the Instagram account. 

Photography by Saphera Peters.