Client ︎ Tate Liverpool; Ladies, Wine & Design; University Of Leeds

I designed the visual identity, poster, and programme for the event promotion of Tate Gallery Liverpool’s exhibition of Influential Women in Graphic Design, hosted by Ladies Wine & Design

Curated the featured graphic designers, focusing on differences in style, women and non-binary people of colour, and age ranges in the decision factor. The visual identity draws from comic book motifs -- illustrating these women as powerful, strong and indepenent to fit with LW&D's brand promise to:
"Empower women and non-binary creatives around the world".

Researching, I struggled to find femme, non-binary and people of colour designers. “Where are the Women?” was a question that kept popping up. It was disheartnening, but I think what LW&D is doing is really important work, becasue representation really matters.